At Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, our curriculum supports Catholic teachings and fosters a positive school climate.  Our whole child education philosophy encourages collaboration among faculty and staff and motivates students to become engaged.

Courses in Religion, Art, Spanish, Music, Computer Science, and Physical Education enhance the core subjects of  Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies.  Our Elementary and Middle school students experience enriched curriculum though field trips, guest speakers, performance opportunities, team sports, extracurricular activities, service learning opportunities, community outreach, and participation in Mass.

Blessed Sacrament students are appropriately challenged and continue building on their faith formation, knowledge, skills and study habits as they progress through our Elementary and Middle School. Upon graduation, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School students are well prepared for future academic expectations, challenges and opportunities.

School Wide Student Learning Expectations

I am a respectful, peaceful, and prayerful student who:

  • Demonstrate an attitude of respect towards myself, others and the environment
  • Practice knowledge and understanding of Catholic teachings and values
  • Work toward peace and justice through kindness and service
  • Pray daily and take an active part in liturgical services

I listen, speak, and work respectfully with others through:

  • Listening and responding actively and respectfully
  • Speaking and writing effectively
  • Working cooperatively and productively with others

I watch, ask, and learn about my world through:

  • Utilizing critical thinking skills through observation, discovery, and inquiry
  • Appling curriculum skills to real life situations
  • Demonstrating strong, independent study habits

I care for God’s creation and those who live in it through:

  • Responding to the needs of those less fortunate
  • Demonstrating Community of Caring values through: caring, respect, responsibility, trust and family
  • Actively caring for the environment