1st Grade

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In 1st grade, we learn about the importance of God’s world, the teachings of Jesus, how to follow his example, and the symbols used during Mass.  Each month we learn, practice, and recite a new prayer. We attend Mass weekly.

Reading, Writing, and Spelling

We develop reading and comprehension skills, focus on hand writing, and learn about spelling and how words are built phonetically.  First grade students are introduced to grammar and the parts of speech.    Students are given a weekly spelling list and test.

Creative Writing

Creative writing give us the ability to understand how thoughts are put together.  Through the creative writing process, our students gain an understanding for choosing ideas, organizing thoughts, giving writing a voice and purpose to sentences.  Our students learn sentence fluency and conventions that help with the editing process.


Students learn math concepts, problem-solving, and the ability to put into words the concepts they are learning.  Students use hands-on activities, group work, and individual practice to show knowledge of new concepts. We explore whole numbers, a variety of strategies for adding in subtracting numbers, graphing, probability, place value, geometry, patterns, fractions, time, and measurements.


In Science, we cover the concepts of weather, seasons, clouds, the water cycle, matter, ocean animals, and plants. We experience science through literature, hands-on experiments and educational videos.

Social Studies

In 1st Grade, learning about ourselves and other people is important.  First-graders learn about problem solving, the importance of rules, community, basic economic principles and respect for our country and its symbols.  First-graders will use many tools for learning including calendars, maps and map keys, charts, atlases, and globes. We begin the meaning of communities.


Our 1st Grade computer curriculum focuses on continuing to learn the keyboard, the basic functions of the computer, and the basics of accessing the Internet.


Students learn simple greetings, farewells, responses, some primary colors and counting from 0 to 20. First-graders learn vocabulary in the following areas: family members, classroom items, and animals. Games and music are used to support Spanish lessons.  The prayer The Sign of the Cross, La Senal De La Cruz, is practiced.

In art classes, your child will explore basic art elements such as line, shape and proportion. Color theory and human expression are also explored through drawing, painting, three-dimensional work and printmaking.


Students learn to read more difficult rhythmic notation and continue focusing on the essential elements of music through various songs and activities.  More focus is given to proper singing technique.  Our students begin playing pitched instruments with simple notation and learn about music and instruments from diverse cultures.  All students perform in our annual Christmas Program and Spring Concert.


In 1st Grade, students learn the basic differences between fiction and nonfiction, authors and  illustrators, and title page information.

Physical Education 

We promote physical growth, development and fitness through movement, exploration, rhythms, and games. First-graders are taught sportsmanship, fair play and respect for self and others.

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