2nd Grade



Second grade religion uses Christ Our Life curriculum books from Loyola Press.  Our students are taught the following prayers: the Glory Be, the Apostles Creed, the Act of Contrition, and Morning Offering. In preparation for receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion we study the Ten Commandments and teach our students the parts of Mass.  Students attend Mass weekly.

Reading and Language Arts

Our Second-grade curriculum includes phonics, comprehension skills, writing, and language skills strategies. Dictionary skills, phonics skills, dividing and counting syllables, identifying prefixes and suffixes and forming plurals are emphasized. Our students learn three letter consonant clusters recognition and are taught how to identify clues and main ideas for strong reading comprehension.

Language Arts includes writing simple stories, book reports and letters. We compare the differences between fantasy and realism.  We work on identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs and study correct use of punctuation. Second-grade students are required to complete a research paper on the mammal of their choice and give oral presentations of their findings to classmates.


Math concepts including processing skills and problem-solving are a focus in 2nd Grade. Students learn math skills through hands-on activities using manipulatives, journaling, talking about math throughout the day, and in casual conversation. Second-grade students identify numbers one through 1000, even and odd. Students master counting by twos, threes, fours, fives, and tens and learn place value, and the telling of time. Metric measurement is taught. Students find sums and differences for two and three digit numbers and practice beginning multiplication and division. Word problems are incorporated in our lessons.


Scientific concepts of are explained using matter, sound, heat, light, force, magnets and electricity during our study of physical science. We study plants, animals, and fossils along with our solar system. Our health unit focuses on the human body and we recognize adaptations of plants and animals.

Social Studies

Second-grade students are introduced to community life around the world.  Students participate in a wide variety of activities stimulating ideas and knowledge of economics, geography and citizenship. We identify, compare, and contrast cultural traits and symbols. We identify islands, oceans, the equator and the northern and southern hemisphere’s.


Developing an awareness of quality literature and authors, using parts of a nonfiction book (Table of Contents, Index, Glossary, Copyright Page, and Title Page), using online and print materials to locate information, locating books in the library using call numbers and the library catalog are tools used in helping 2nd Grade students understand the world of literature.


Students continue practicing the vocabulary including greetings, numbers, colors, and family members. As we progress, other topics such as introduced. Students continue practicing the Sign of the Cross, La Senal De La Cruz, and begin to learn the Glory Be, Gloria, in Spanish.


In Music, we build upon our knowledge of the musical elements. Students begin learning the notes of the trouble and bass clef. Great emphasis is given to proper singing technique.  We learn about native music traditions and instruments from diverse cultures.  Students follow musical notation to play pitched instruments such as bells, xylophones, and boom-whackers.  Students begin learning about the different music time periods and composers.  All students perform in our annual Christmas Program and Spring Concert.


We focus on developing skills for beginning drawing, color theory and proportion. We work on creating a realistic mammal drawing for the 2nd Grade Mammal report. Second-grade students are free to explore different mediums such as drawing, painting, three-dimensional work and printmaking.

Computer Science

Second-grade students begin to learn and use Microsoft Word and focus on mastering the lessons for proper keyboarding.   Students use our computer lab to complete class projects.

Physical Education

In 2nd Grade P.E., we promote physical growth development and fitness through movement exploration, rhymes, stunts, and games. We demonstrate appropriate forms of sportsmanship, fair play and respect for self and others.  Good health is emphasized through identifying food groups and proportions.