4th Grade

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In 4th Grade, our religious education program centers on the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Rosary. Our religion series is Christ Our Life by the Sisters of Notre Dame.  Students use the Faith First text and complete in-depth studies of each commandment.  Students attend Mass weekly.


Reading strategies for research, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency skills are taught.  Students in the 4th Grade complete eight book reports throughout the year.  Students participate in literature circles twice a year and keep track of their home reading.  Fourth-grade students are required to read 600 pages per quarter. Weekly spelling words are assigned from our reading series.

English and Language Arts

Students use our reading series, Wages and English by Loyola University Press and Six Traits of Writing, by Houghton Mifflin.  Basic grammar is covered and lessons culminate with beginning diagramming.  Our students explore poetry, creative writing, and practice cursive.


We review addition and subtraction and expand upon multiplication using double digits and division. Students are introduced to algebra, and have an understanding of place value as well as line and bar graphs. Unit and chapter test are regularly scheduled helping establish mastery over the subject matter.


The study of science encompasses the scientific method and lab demonstrations. We learn about weather and water cycles Utah wetlands, rocks, natural minerals of Utah, and fossil classification. Health is included in our science curriculum. We focus on keeping ourselves healthy through good diet and exercise.

Social Studies

We use the Utah Our Home text by Gibbs-Smith to teach about Utah’s past, present and future.  Economic concepts and vocabulary are taught as students relate to Utah’s development and growth. History, geography and social justice are covered.  Our 4th Grade students create two projects in Social Studies. Each student creates a Native American dwelling after choosing a specific tribe to research, and completes a research project on the Utah county of his or her choice.


In Library, 4th Grade students study different genres in literature, learn copyright law and its implications, and evaluate title page information.  We provide our students with detailed lessons about biographies, autobiographies and collective biographies.


In Spanish, Fourth-graders continue to build vocabulary and conversation skills.  Lessons with greetings, school, telling time, and vocabulary are studied though grammar exercises and activities. Students memorize short dialogs. Regular student assessments are given.  Students learn about the Hispanic culture and our Catholic faith along with short prayers, songs and traditions.


In 4th Grade, more emphasis is given to proper singing techniques, proper breath control, musical phrasing, using pure vowels, and dynamics and expression. The recorder is introduced and students begin to apply all they have learned in reading music notation and understanding the fundamental elements of music.  We continue studying music from other cultures, different time periods, and styles.  All students perform in our annual Christmas Program and Spring Concert.


In 4th Grade, students discuss and explore color theory, shadows, mood, and basic organizations. Students are able to express themselves through drawing, pointing, three-dimensional work and print making.

Computer Science

Computer Science students integrate homeroom research tasks with technology. Your child will learn how to compose essays using a variety of modern techniques.  Throughout the year, we focus on creating more advanced documents, such as brochures, and electronic presentations.

Physical Education

Good health and fitness routines are good for all ages. Students have fun while demonstrating fundamental skills in movement exploration, stunts, games and sports activities.  Students demonstrate a sense of sportsmanship and fair play.  We teach appreciating God’s gift of good health and fitness is wise.

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