5th Grade

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We focus on identifying, understanding and using traditional Catholic prayers.  Students explore concepts of morality through understanding the Works of Mercy.  We emphasize the Sacraments and their importance in the formation of our Catholic life. We explore the lives of various Saints and discuss how we can use their examples of living holy lives as role models for us in modern times. We focus on what it means to live a Christian life and engage in community service projects and care for the Earth.  All students attend Mass weekly.

Language Arts

In 5th Grade, students master an understanding of how printed language works, use various  strategies to decode and spell unfamiliar words while reading and writing, develop reading fluency, and increase vocabulary.  Throughout the year, students learn different genres of writing and fiction including folktales, realistic fiction, historical fiction, and autobiographies. We focus on writing to learn and use the six traits of writing which include ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.  Communicating effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences is included in our Language Arts program.


Fifth-grade math instruction includes all operations with whole numbers, charts and graphs, metric and standard measurement and an emphasis on decimal and fraction operations. Students prepared for 5th Grade are confident in their knowledge of basic math facts and including multiplications and division.


Fifth-graders are active learners.  We focus on learning about matter,  electricity, magnetic fields, and our changing earth.  You child learns about scientific topics including adaptations, ecology, matter, motion and energy, and climate and astronomy.  Each year, our 5th Grade class turns the gymnasium into an Invention Convention and puts into motion our study of the scientific process.

Social Studies

Students are introduced to the people and events that have created the United States. We learn about government, economics and geography, and cover the following eras: Explorations and Colonization, the Beginnings of Self Government, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Expansive 19th century, and the United States on the world stage.

Computer Science

Blessed Sacrament Fifth-grade students become proficient typists and learn to integrate media into their projects. Internet-based research is a primary focus as well as working with basic spreadsheets.  Students complete a large portfolio project in PowerPoint helping parents visualize subjects and activities most meaningful to their son child.  Technology is incorporated into all aspects of our curriculum.


Students build vocabulary and begin practicing reading, writing and conversation skills. Students learn about Mexican, Spanish and other Latino holidays.  Spanish dialogue between students is practiced as well as reading and writing in Spanish.  Students learn about the Hispanic culture, tradition and our Catholic faith through prayer and song.


Fifth-grade art class includes working with negative and positive space, distortion, proportion and contour lanes. Students incorporate symbols, ideas and feeling into their artwork. Our art students are able to express themselves through drawing, painting, three-dimensional work and printmaking.


Fifth-grade students continue to expand their knowledge of music elements and begin playing instruments in two-three parts.  Students continue their focus of proper singing techniques and solfege, and learn to sing harmony in two-three parts. Lessons emphasis is given to music and traditions of different cultures as well as various composers and musical time periods.  All students perform in our annual Christmas Program and Spring Concert.


Students learn how digital information offers us new challenges and benefits as compared to printed materials. Direct research skills are taught in 5th Grade. Dictionaries, thesaurus, atlas, almanacs and other tools are taught and discussed.

Physical Education

Fifth-grade students learn to appreciate God’s gift of food, health and physical fitness. Students demonstrate a sense of sportsmanship and fair play.  Students participate in games, fitness, movement, and sports.

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