Pre-Kindergarten 4

garden 4

Our Pre-K4 program is theme-based.  Through monthly or weekly themes, your child will explore a wide variety of topics.  Concepts are taught in a sequential order and align with our Kindergarten program preparing your child for next year.  We know each child is unique and learns at his or her own pace.   Concepts are presented through a combination of teacher-directed activities and play-based activities.  New concepts are introduced using whole group, small group, and center activities.  Assessments are made through observation, student portfolios, and one-on-one interviews.

The following curriculum is based on and includes Diocesan and Utah State Office of Education Early Childhood State Standards (2012), as well as Mrs. Luna’s own experience.

Science and Social Studies

  • Self-awareness (body parts, health, etc.)
  • Safety
  • Five Senses
  • World around us
  • Animals
  • Transportation


  • Sorting (classifying)
  • Location words (spatial relationships)
  • One to one correspondence
  • Calendar (yesterday, today, tomorrow, days of week)
  • Sequencing
  • Patterning
  • Graphing
  • Shapes
  • Rote counting
  • Numeral recognition 1-20
  • Counting with understanding (“touch” counting)

Language and Literacy

  • Oral language/vocabulary skills
  • Listening skills
  • Phonemic awareness (ability to hear distinct letter sounds, Pre-K emphasis on beginning sounds and rhyming sounds)
  • Phonics (letter/sound relationships)
  • Emergent reading and writing developed through exposure to good literature, in a print rich environment (signs, labels, etc.), concepts of print (recognizing parts of a book, difference  between pictures and print, directionality, etc.), identification of letter names and sounds, identifying own name and writing it, retelling and sequencing stories


  • Music
  • Creative visual art
  • Dramatic Play
  • Creative movement

Motor Skills

  • Large motor skills (hop, jump, run, kick, march, skip, throw and catch)
  • Fine motor skills (correct grip for crayons, markers, pencils, cut with scissors, use glue)

Social Development

  • Courteous/Respects self and others
  • Listens without interruption
  • Follows directions
  • Cooperative work/play
  • Respects property
  • Community of Caring Values

Spiritual and Religious Development

  • Can make the Sign of the Cross
  • Can say the “Jesus Prayer”
  • Can say the “Glory Be”
  • Can say the “Angel of God” prayer
  • Can say grace before meals
  • Awareness of the Bible as God’s word, God’s creation, and His love for us