New Daycare Opens on Blessed Sacrament Campus

Happy children cared for by loving teachers have settled into the Blessed Beginnings Daycare at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School.
Our new center, Blessed Beginnings Daycare, opened in September of 2017. The name was chosen by students in Blessed Sacrament Catholic School’s third grade, when one of the students brought an idea from his family. The entire grade knew they would win the naming contest. We agreed! The name is perfect and exemplifies our goal for the smallest members of our school.
Our Blessed Beginners are at the start of a journey encircled in love and support. Blessed Beginners are guided by an arts-based curriculum constructed as a gateway to the Blessed Sacrament Preschool Program. Blessed Beginnings serves children ages 18 months to 36 months from the hours of 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Highly experienced and dedicated, our staff attends to each child’s individual needs. Whether the need is for diapering service or for entering the potty-training program, our staff is prepared to offer gentle and caring instruction and teaching. Allergies, separation anxiety, changes in the home environment, or even just a reassuring hug are all equally attended to as part of a genuine relationship between teacher and child. Through integral understanding and experience, our staff ensures knowledgeable guidance and care for children at differing developmental stages. We seek to offer excellent care and for the changing needs of children at this age.
Activities are focused on creating a relationship with God that leads to loving one another and mastering the daily skills of early life. Throughout the day curious minds engage in singing, storytelling, dancing, praising God, playing musical instruments, painting, pretend play and sensory activities.
Blessed Beginnings Daycare will have an open house during Catholic Schools Week:
Admission Open House,Thursday, Feb. 1, 6 p.m.-8 p.m., Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, 1745 East 9800 South, Sandy, Tel: 801-572-5311 ext. 305 Mariana Pickers,
Courtesy of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School