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Mr. John McHugh, M. A.

Mr. McHugh earned a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from West Chester University, and taught for five years in the private and public schools of Pennsylvania and New Jersey before moving to Utah in 1992. Since then he has taught High School and Kindergarten-through-6th grade in the public school system. As a product of a K-12th grade Catholic School education, he is extremely excited to return to his Catholic roots. Mr. McHugh believes that each student has a specific learning style or “modality” in which he/she learns best, and tries to help his pupils discover theirs. He also believes that students can demonstrate mastery of a concept in ways that extend beyond mere paper
and pencil tests.

Mr. McHugh is also an archaeologist with a specialty in archaeoastronomy, has published six articles in scholarly journals, and once read a paper on Noah’s Flood at the Society of Biblical Literature Conference at Creighton University. In his free time he and his wife, Kirsten, enjoy hiking, visiting Native American rock art sites, reading, buying books, and hosting quiet dinners with their three grown children. He and his wife live in an historic 1883 house in Salt Lake City with their crotchety cat, Boo.

Mr. John McHugh

5th Grade Teacher