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Mrs. Laura Eldred

Laura Eldred took Spanish classes for 4 years in High School.  She used this knowledge to become fluent while living in Peru for a year and half as an LDS missionary. Not wanting to lose all that hard work, she studied Spanish and has a Bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University (UVU).  She also has an AAS in Cabinetry and Architectural Woodworking and an AS in Pre-Secondary Education from UVU.

Mrs. Eldred grew up using computers and learning about all different kinds of technology. She has used CAD (computer aided drafting) programs to create furniture and kitchen plans as well as house plans. She is currently working on a Technology Education Endorsement in order to better teach the skills 21st century learners will need in an increasingly technology focused world.

Mrs. Eldred also enjoys making things. She can knit, crochet, and sew and will make the pattern herself when needed. Her greatest sewing accomplishment was making her wedding dress in 2014. She started the Sewing and Textile Club so students can experience success making things that will fuel their creativity.

Mrs. Laura Eldred

Computers and Technology Teacher, Spanish Teacher