Lunchroom and Recess Volunteer Schedule

Each family is responsible for helping supervise our playground and lunchroom throughout the year.  If you have a child in one of the following grades, this guideline will assist you in fulfilling your required four hours of lunchroom and playground supervision.

Month Grade
August HSA Executive Board
September 8th Grade
October 6th Grade
November 7th Grade
December 5th Grade
January Kindergarten
February 3rd Grade
March 2nd Grade
April 1st Grade
May 4th Grade and PreKindergarten

Please contact your home-room parent representative for scheduling details, and thank you.

Duties of a Lunch Room Volunteer

Each school family has to complete 4 hours per year. All volunteers need to sign-in and out at the school office. Check in with the kitchen staff and sign in the kitchen log. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as some physical work is required. Refrain from using your phone or other devices

  • Do not bring outside treats for the students.
  • Assist children with lunch related student requests. The smaller children need assistance in opening lunch related items. Expectation is for students to raise their hand when needing assistance.
  • Monitor student behavior and reinforce the Lunch Room Behavior rules posted in the cafeteria
  • Wipe down the tables between classroom rotations and keep floor clean.
  • Be mindful of nut related allergies and use designated cleaning products for nut free tables.
  • Do final table and floor cleaning and help put all tables away.

Lunch Room Behavior

  1. Playing and walking around visiting is not allowed during lunch.
  2. Inappropriate language and/or conversation will not be tolerated.
  3. Disrespect to teachers, volunteers or any adult are not tolerated.
  4. Food is to be eaten, not played with or thrown.
  5. Food from cold lunches that is not eaten must be taken home.
  6. When having hot lunch, please try all the food items.
  8. Raise your hand if help is needed.
  9. Raise your hand if there is a need to leave your place.
  10. Each student should have his or her own seat.
  12. Clean your space, chair and floor before you leave. If you have a wet spill, raise your hand to notify an adult volunteer.
  13. Speak in a pleasant tone of voice.
  14. Line up politely when preparing to leave the lunchroom. Middle school may walk in groups but must do so in an orderly manner. An adult volunteer will lead the middle school students to the playground.
  15. Lower grades must wait for an adult to walk with them to the playground.
  17. Throwing, bouncing or playing with balls is not allowed in the gym during lunch.
  18. Food is only to be shared with students that have forgotten their lunches. Hot lunch will not be provided for students who have forgotten their lunch.
  19. Recyclables are to be placed in the tubs provided.
  20. Drinks are provided for hot lunch and/or drink card students ONLY.
  21. Microwaves are not available for students to use.

Duties of a Recess Volunteer

All volunteers need to sign-in and out at the school office. Avoid anything that will distract you from your vigilance and regularly change position to effectively monitor the students.

  • Maintain a constant vigil watching the behavior of all students on the playground.
  • Look for any student related behavioral issues, safety concerns or bullying behavior. Appropriately intervene and address any concerns immediately.
  • Immediately report any concern and injuries to the school office staff.
  • Avoid physical contact or horseplay with the students.