Catholic Business Special Issue /Vintage car restorers driven to help Blessed Sacrament School with volunteer work

(Courtesy Photo) Dan and Christine Green and their children participated in the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day parade on behalf of Blessed Sacrament School in a vintage Mustang Dan restored himself.

By Linda Petersen Intermountain Catholic

SALT LAKE CITY — Like many young men, Dan Green loved to talk about cars, but unlike most of them, it was the hook that drew his future wife in. Christine Green said the two met a local Wendy’s and began to talk. When Don told her he had a “nice” restored car, she was skeptical, she said.

“But when I saw the car, I thought, ‘This is a really nice car!’” she said. The two eventually married and went on to have three children: Adam, 13, Alison, 12 and Emmeline, 6 (Christine has two older daughters from a previous marriage).

Dan Green has always loved cars — especially Mustangs. Beginning with go-karts as a young boy, he has had a passion for building and restoring them. As a young man, he completely rebuilt his first Mustang. For several years, Dan worked other fulltime jobs and restored cars on the side, but over time, his reputation grew. Friends and then friends of friends would ask him to rebuild cars for them. Eventually he was making more money from his side job than his fulltime work. At that point, Christine suggested he make his passion his livelihood.

Initially Dan Green operated out of his small garage in the couple’s West Valley home. Then 12 years ago, with a third child on the way and needing more space, they moved to a home with a four-car garage in Sandy. Those digs worked for a short while, but quickly Dan Green outgrew the space and opened his downtown Salt Lake City store.

Business has been great, Christine said.

As the business was growing, so was the Green family. After several years, Christine Green became deeply dissatisfied with the public school system and the couple decided to move their children to private school. They did some research and eventually decided that Blessed Sacrament School in Sandy felt the most like home to them.

“It reminded me of St. Vincent [de Paul]’s, where I went to school from kindergarten to fourth grade,” Christine Green said. “We’ve been very happy and impressed.”

Since enrolling their children four years ago, the Greens have thrown themselves into the life of the school. Christine Green is the secretary of the home school association and helps fifth-grade teacher John McHugh with the archeology club, while Dan Green has been generous with the fruits of his labors. Last year he built a cycle cart from scratch and then donated it for one of the school’s fundraising auctions. Two families got into a bidding war, so he is building an identical cart so both families can have one, and he has donated the proceeds to the school.

The school’s advancement director, Mary Ann Picker, said the Greens are always willing to help out with anything at the school.

“Whenever we have any kind of fundraiser, the Greens and their extended family are always there helping to set up and cleaning up afterward,” she said. “They are very helpful and very sweet and never say no to us.”

Christine Green said they appreciate being so deeply involved with the school.

“It’s nice to be able to offer our services and have the school accept them,” she said. “It’s fulfilling and we’re happy to do it.”

Earlier this year the couple hosted a beer and brats school fundraiser at their business complete with a small car show in the parking lot. It was very successful, and Christine Green said they will probably host another. They have also participated in the annual Salt Lake City St. Patrick’s Day Parade with a vintage Mustang on behalf of Blessed Sacrament School.

“They are very involved in our community and are well-respected and loved,” Picker said. “They do a lot for all of our teachers and families and have definitely earned that spot” of being so loved.