Home School Association

The HSA is an independent association, but accepts the leadership role of the National Organization for Catholic School Parents, which operates in conjunction with the National Catholic Education Association of the United States Catholic Conference.

The Association will support, implement, and advance the philosophy of Blessed Sacrament School. It will reflect the Christian principles while promoting at all times the spiritual, moral, intellectual, and physical training of students. The HSA shall:

  • Promote open communications among parents, teachers, and administration.
  • Provide parents and teachers with information designed to aid in all aspects of education, growth and development.
  • Promote goodwill, cooperation, and Christian values between and among parents, faculty, administration and the parish.
  • Direct and coordinate parental support to Blessed Sacrament School through the volunteer program, assistance activities, social functions, and fundraisers.
  • Direct and coordinate financial support through fundraising efforts that strive to meet the annual set goal.
  • Support any project requested by the Bishop, Superintendent, Pastor, Administrator, and/or Principal.